Spiderman 2 Provides Fans a Special Way to Remember Chadwick Boseman

The upcoming Spiderman 2 video game for PS5 includes a touching tribute to the late actor Chadwick Boseman through a special Black Panther suit for Miles Morales.

Miles wears a new black and gold suit inspired by Black Panther called the Forever Suit. This suit is designed in memorial of Boseman’s legendary portrayal of Black Panther while also representing Miles’ growth into the role of Spiderman.

The Forever Suit contains elements from both Spiderman and Black Panther’s iconic costumes. It combines the black and purple vibranium detailings of Black Panther’s suit or as an option, Miles’ signature red spider emblem. The suit options are a rich purple, gold, Miles’ ruby red or Boseman’s iconic black.

To unlock this remarkable outfit, players will need to reach Level 25 and spend 55 Tech Parts and two Rare Tech Parts. Styles can be customized for 25 Tech Parts and one Rare Tech Part.

Wearing the Forever Suit will unlock new combat capabilities and animations for Miles inspired by Black Panther’s fighting style. Players can utilize kinetic energy bursts to strike enemies and employ stealth takedowns.

Through the Forever Suit, Miles can carry on T’Challa’s spirit as the new Spiderman.

Additionally, the game includes another Black Panther tribute. At the Wakandan Embassy in the Midtown district, a player can approach the front door of the embassy as Miles Morales, where they get the prompt to press △ to “Honor.” In doing so, Miles crosses his arms over his chest, performing the iconic Wakanda Forever gesture.

Fans are deeply moved by the reveal of the Forever Suit and this beautiful tribute to Chadwick Boseman.