The Actor’s Strike Sunsets, The Magic of Moviemaking Returns in Georgia!

As a writer, director and producer in the Atlanta entertainment scene, the recent SAG-AFTRA strikes dealt a tough blow to so many. For nearly half a year, work opportunities vanished as major studios halted productions. In addition, the commercial work was also slow as more producers and studios reached into that cookie jar looking for work. Like so many in the local film community, I faced financial strain and uncertainty about when normalcy would return.

Now with the strikes officially ended, it feels like the clouds have parted and the Georgia film industry can shine again. Productions are resuming, and gigs should be plentiful for crew and cast once more. The excitement on local sets will be palpable.

While the strikes created real hardships, I’m choosing to reflect on the positives. The break reminded me not to take bookings and gigs for granted. I’m approaching new projects with fresh passion and vision. I’m also linking arms with fellow creatives as we rebuild together. I am grateful to God, we could still pay all of our bills. Many lost their homes and are in serious debt as a result.

This experience has fostered camaraderie among Atlanta’s entertainment workers. It’s never been more apparent that we’re in this together. I’m confident our community will only grow stronger.

Now it’s time to get back to work. The stages are lit, and the chairs are filling up. With the strikes resolved, it’s a new day for Georgia film. This filmmaker is personally thrilled to be camera-ready once more!

Mark Ruffalo joins the SAG strike