4 Reasons Why No One Watches Your Video

no one watches

You’ve made some videos for your company. But… no one cares.  Your staff, your mother, and your best friend’s neighbor’s dog walker’s half-cousin ‘Liked’ it on Facebook. Sad. There may be several reasons why no one watches your video content, but here are our top 4 things to check.

  1. They can’t find it! Video content, just like any other content, needs to be optimized so that people can find it. You may have just created an awesome James Bond-ish style video about your new personal jet services but… the earth doesn’t have a clue about your brand, website or company. tumblr_mq7m72vZdB1qckz3do1_500
    We recommend you do some keyword research to find out how customers search for related products and services pertaining to your business.
  2. No one knows what your video is even about. We see this often. Sometimes the owner or CFO has an idea of what the video should be. They hire their cousin, who owns a DSLR, to make it and it flops. We encourage you to stay in your lane! You certainly don’t try to engineer your own computers, why should you engineer your own video? Let the creative pros do it. Tell them (I really mean us) your needs and explain your products or services, brand, vision as well as your target audience. Then, let them(us) go to work for you.
  3. You have NO fanbase or platform to spread the word. Too many companies pay for a knock-out video but don’t have enough of a following or social media presence to launch a formidable campaign. It takes hard work and precious time, but you need to invest in and consistently build a subscriber and fan base to solicit the type of engagement and conversion you want.
  4. You either haven’t promoted it or you don’t know how. Isolation is a marketing and advertising killer! If you want to promote a video, you have to strategically blast the social media channels such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram. Scary huh? But it’s necessary, trust us.

socialmedia twittter Facebook LinkedInIf you are going to invest in video marketing to increase engagement for your company (which you should), you need to be intentional about it.


But don’t worry. We can help.