The Brilliance of ‘The Greatest’ by Sia

Sia's The Greatest

If you haven’t seen the brilliant, raw choreography in Sia’s The Greatest music video, here it is. A beautiful tribute to the victims of the unfortunate mass murder in Orlando, FL.

There is so much gold in this piece, but I’ll touch on 2 of my favorites.

  1. Starting at 1:48, several fallen people rise up and join her in what looks like mimes dancing. After about 10 seconds several side to side moves send the dancers crashing into walls like waves against the rocks. But it doesn’t end there, she rallies the gang again as they form an immovable force, resembling boxers marching through the hall with undeniable strength.
  2. The second, is the moment when the second chorus comes in strong at 2:39 and her freedom turns into a celebration that encourages the entire room who continues even after she leaves the room. Powerful.

Another great musical and cinematic treasure for filmmakers to study. Wish we could have been a fly on the wall.