DaVinci Resolve 12 is Here and Poses a Threat to Existing NLE Software Leaders

Resolve-12-865x505With claims such as, the most powerful Hollywood color-corrector, DaVinci Resolve 12 is here and offers a editing system as well. You can download the free Beta version here, no longer referred to as ‘Lite’ – only Davinci Resolve 12 and Davinci Resolve 12 Studio.

This could make things a whole lot easier for strong video production studios with color-grading as a must in their workflow. Check out the video on the editor below!

In a year or two, we predict Premiere Pro and Final Cut 10 might have to share a little more of the NLE profit pie then they care to. This option to edit and hand over projects to colorist in the same tool greatly simplifies work-flow!
New Color Correction Tools

  • Enhanced 3D Tracker
  • Brand New 3D Keyer for Color Correction and Compositing

514714420_640New Editing Tools

  • Slick New Interface that’s Cleaner, Easier on the Eyes
  • Multicam Editing with a ton of Sync Options
  • Improved Trimming including Advanced Simultaneous Multi-Track Trimming
  • Nesting Timelines for Working on Large Projects with Multiple Complex Timelines
  • On-Screen Controls for Manipulating and Animating Motion paths of Graphics
  • Highly Customizable Transitions Using Curves Editor with Bezier Handles
  • Real Time Audio Mixing by Recording Fader Moves
  • VST and Audio Unit Plugins for Full Control of Audio
  • Export to Avid Pro Tools for Professional Audio Mix
  • Improved Media Management and Bins

Enough to make the jump? What are your thoughts?