3 Simple Steps to Getting Great Marketing Video Interviews

marketing video interviewsAfter spending years on the set of video shoots, were very comfortable with all aspects of production and gathering the footage we need to create a world class video. But what about our interviewees? Many of them have never been on the set of a marketing video or faced the camera before.

Not to worry, we have 3 simple steps proven to get great interviews, every time.

Step 1) Setting The Interviewee’s Expectations

Videos are much more natural when interviewees arent too rehearsed. To avoid having them memorize answers to questions, simply give them a basic outline of what you anticipate covering on the day of the shoot. Also, prepare them by letting them know it will be a relaxed and casual atmosphere to help put their nerves at ease. Be sure to let them know what you want them to wear, giving them a sense of control and boosting their confidence and ownership of the situation.

Step 2) Providing Context at the Shoot

Once your interviewee is on set, keep a light and fun tone with your conversation, your body language, and your direction. Actively chat about things unrelated to the video while youre finishing your setup, including anything from the interviewees interests to the latest movies at the theater. The topic isnt important, but the lighthearted and distracting nature of the conversation is. As the setup nears completion, let them know that you simply plan to have a casual chat about topics they already deal with every day and make a joking reference that theyll happen to be surrounded by the lights and cameras during the conversation.

Key tip: Let them know this is just a conversation between you (the interviewer) and them (the interviewee). Encourage them to keep their focus with you and ignore everything around them. It will be natural for them to chat, while everything unnatural around them will be minimized.

Step 3) Quietly get Rolling

This is so simple but very important: anything like a red lightcoming on the camera or someone saying actionis guaranteed to make any interviewee feel like a deer in the headlights. Instead, cover that red light with black gaffer tape or electrical tape and, when the camera is rolling, your camera operator can give you a signal to segue into the questions. Whether thats a gentle nudge or a code word, it gives you the subtle green light to transition into the magical part of the day: the interview!

Follow these 3 Simple Steps to Getting Great Marketing Interviews, and youll put new people at ease on the set every time.

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