Sizzle Reels – How to Get Your Passion Project Noticed

Every filmmaker you can imagine has a passion project they want to get funded and turn into an award-winning film, short film or series. That’s just what we do. Right? Right!

Sizzle Reel gets project noticedWe know in order to do that we need to get that project noticed. We set out to make a stunning piece that would WOW our potential investors. It’s difficult to pitch something with ‘just words’. We wanted our partners to see how it moved, felt, see its bold colors, its performances, its energy. We wanted there to be no question in their minds about the quality we will produce together.


So, I present to you… drum roll… No Hiding Place! A haunting story about the cruelty of slavery and the slaves’ choice to survive their conditions and run for freedom. Disclaimer: It’s not for kids or your granny who can’t hold her porridge.

It’s a powerful sizzle scene from a TV mini-series we are developing and pitching. It’s gripping. This piece isn’t about throwing the cruelties of slavery in anyone’s face, in fact, it’s ultimately about freedom, equality and getting help from some beautiful people that risked their lives for African Americans.

This season should be a celebration of freedom and equality, not dwelling in the past and inspiring hate, but encouraging forward motion and celebrating the beautiful people that fought for our equality. Apply grace generously and pray for those people and nations that are still oppressed.