The Innovative ARRI Alexa 35 Camera: A New Standard

We were one of the lucky studio’s to receive the ARRI Alexa 35 toward the end of 2022. We’ve already used it for multiple projects including several short films, WebMD and a music video featuring two Grammy winners.

#Alexa35 on #commercial for GA Power in Atlanta, GA

What we noticed almost immediately was the rich color options due to its new Reveal color science and the fact that this camera does not choke in the highlights AT ALL! We literally pointed at windows without a problem.

This camera is the latest in the Super 35 sensor family and goes alongside the existing Alexa 65 and Alexa Mini LF sensors. It is equipped with five interchangeable lens mounts, two scratch mics, and internal FSND filters. 

The new innovative, ARRI ALEXA 35 has a native 4.6K Super 35 sensor, 17+ stops of dynamic range, records native 4K up to 120fps. It’s ARRI’s smallest full-feature production camera. 

The camera has a new side display that allows you to make changes without a viewfinder, perfect for steadi-cam operation!

The camera also features an Enhanced Sensitivity Mode, which allows for better capture in low-light conditions, and a new Reveal color science that captures and offers much more delicate hues and colors. 

The Alexa 35 can capture footage in 19 different formats, from ARRIRAW to Apple ProRes.

The engineering of this newest addition blew us away. It will excel with its durability!

ARRI puts every single ALEXA 35 through extreme temperature and vibration tests to ensure a lifetime of reliable service onset. 

The ALEXA 35 was shaken, frozen, cooked, and pounded with blunt force in its development phase.

If you are in Atlanta and would like to rent an Alexa 35 Camera package, please contact us.

More key features include:

  • Best Image Quality at native 4K and 120 fps
  • More dynamic range: 17 stops can handle any situation on set and is best for HDR
  • More contrast: Sophisticated stray-light suppression to accurately capture the full contrast range and character of each lens
  • More sensitivity: Lower noise, EI 6400 and optional Enhanced Sensitivity Mode
  • More accurate colors: REVEAL Color Science for better color reproduction, cleaner edges and faster grading 
  • More Creative Control
  • The camera supports all S35 and LF lenses while fulfilling all 4K mandates
  • ARRI Textures: A new way to define grain and contrast in-camera, giving control back to the cinematographer
  • New look handling: View SDR and HDR of the same look on set, set Look Intensity, use in-camera LogC4 Look Library 
  • Fast and Easy Operation
  • The smallest fully featured ALEXA
  • New left side display
  • Familiar MVF-2 viewfinder (now also in HDR), menu structure, Compact Drives 1TB & 2TB
  • 19 recording formats for all requirements
  • Advanced Color Match (ACM)
  • Streaming metadata for virtual studios 
  • Comprehensive Workflow Tools: ARRI online tools, stand-alone apps & 3rd party tools
  • Robust and Reliable: For dependable working on set, a long product cycle, and a safe return on investment