Do I Need Video in My Marketing Campaign?

As you prepare for a new season, you may find yourself asking “Do I need video in my marketing campaign?” We aren’t sure. But Volvo thinks they do. In this epic video, Volvo paints a clear picture for you to witness how smooth and stable their vehicular systems are. They are matching the limitations of a human being to their near perfectly crafted driving system. What did you get from the commercial?

More than 40 million people watched Jean Claude do his epic split while two Volvo trucks move in reverse down a highway.

This entire campaign has brought attention to a type of vehicle most consumers don’t bother to think about. Volvo upped the creativity of their campaign, attracted a Super-Bowl sized audience for a fraction of the Hollywood budget and won big! Do I Need a Video in My Marketing Campaign

Where do you need a win when it comes to your business? How and when are you going to get started?