Phil Stevens


Phil Stevens

Phil is an award winning writer and filmmaker. He’s a relational leader that grew up in business improving the way big companies service their customer in the corporate world. He’s a storyteller, business strategist and leads the creative charge. And he’s bald.


What got you into the game (film)?
I’ve loved movies as long as I can remember. All the way back to A Patch of Blue with Sidney Poitier. I thought, “That’s a good story that knocks down walls. So bold.” Fast forward 30 years, I got the bug from making a comedic children’s series for my church and couldn’t shake it.

Where is your true passion in filmmaking? What gets your blood pumping?
Manipulating the audience to feel and react the way I want them to. Directing the scenes together with a great crew ensemble to tell a whopper of a story – charges me up. We did that. We wrote it, filmed it and told it.

What genres do you lean toward?
Drama. I love a good, gritty emotional drama. It allows me more canvas to paint and provide story. I dig a comedy and like thrillers, but I feel I can imprint a good story on someone longer with a great drama.

What is a favorite quote or saying you often use in the field?
A great story is 40% talent and 60% audience manipulation. It doesn’t matter what you’ve shot it on or who is in it, if the story is weak and the audience doesn’t connect with it, you’ve lost.

What is your pet peeve?
Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. They stink and taste horrible.