Vivi Sawyer

Creative Director/Producer

Viviana Sawyer

Vivi is one of our lead creatives and writers. From a Producer standpoint, she has the unique ability and visual genius to put together a cast, set, story and schedule by virtually seeing it in her head first. She may giggle a ton, but she brings nothing but A game to a project!


What got you into the game (film)?
If we want to take it way back, when I was 7 years old and watched Mariah Carey sing live at Madison Square Garden, I knew I had to be her. Since that didn’t happen for various reason, the main one being that I am not, in fact, Mariah Carey, I pursued other outlets. When I was accidentally cast in my high school’s play, my heart knew from the moment my feet hit the stage that acting was the line of work I wanted to be in forever. In college I continued my theater studies as well as film production and haven’t stopped since.

Where is your true passion in filmmaking? What gets your blood pumping?
The whole filmmaking process gets my blood pumping! Whatever I can do to get the audience to react and feel.

What genres do you lean toward?
I love comedy, horror, and suspense genres. 30 Rock, American Horror Story, Pan’s Labyrinth, How To Get Away With Murder! Ah! there are so many!

What is a favorite quote or saying you often use in the field?
One of my favorite quotes is “Wow!” when you witness that one amazing take where everything comes together and you just feel that movie magic.

What is your pet peeve?
People who don’t use their blinker!