Quinten Reiff


Quinten Reiff

What got you into the game (film)?
Early on, I had the opportunity to work with cameras in a live show setting, and it was there that I got hooked on the thrill of production. With cameras so accessible to my generation, my friends and I would find any opportunity during the week to create something new.

Where is your true passion in filmmaking? What gets your blood pumping?
Discovering stories that have yet to be told and working alongside a team to create something captivating. Nothing fills me up more than those moments where the heartbeat of the story appears and you know this is a story people will want to experience.

What genres do you lean toward?
I am a sucker for any Science Fiction film set in space. There’s something that fascinates me with the possibility of exploring the unknown that exists in our own universe.

What is a favorite quote or saying you often use in the field?
A dollar saved in pre-production is ten bucks saved in production and a hundred dollars saved in post.

What is your pet peeve?
Slow Internet. I would rather it not be available than to be teased in front of me.