Travis Sawyer

Creative Director/Technical Lead

Travis Sawyer

Travis is the team’s exceptionally talented Director of Photography and colorist. He basically makes things look stunning by manipulating light to do his bidding on a shoot and carefully using color to set the tone just right. He’s a painter, think Bob Ross… happy trees.


What got you into the game (film)?
When I was in College I picked up my first professional stills camera. I loved walking around and capturing the world in my own way. One thing led to another and the stills camera became a gateway drug to film. I ended up picking up a video camera and it was history from there. Moving images are on totally different medium. I ended up getting a BA in Fine Arts with an emphasis in video.

Where is your true passion in filmmaking? What gets your blood pumping?
When I’m focusing on Cinematography my main goal is to produce images that throw the story forward while remaining invisible to the audience. I want them to feel like they are apart of what’s going on by eliminating any distractions and moving the story forward. My favorite part about doing cinematography on a great story is seeing the emotions it stirs up in people, that lets me know I’m doing my job right.

What genres do you lean toward?
I love a good comedy, mostly the British comedies, that and a good action movie. When I say action movie a lot of them are guilty pleasures, but sometimes a great action filled movie like Children of Men will come out and it reminds me why I love them so much.

What is a favorite quote or saying you often use in the field?
I’ll get back to you on this one.

What is your pet peeve?
Locations not having parking and sets not having food.