In Video-Marketing, Location Matters

You might not think this, but the location in which you shoot your talent really matters. We dare to say that the location is just as important as the video’s message and quality. Be intentional. We are often asked to shoot interviews in the client’s office. It makes total sense.gratz_1 location matters bedhead media If it’s a marketing video about the client’s product of services, it’s only fitting to show the environment the work is created in. Sometimes it works. Often times, though, the client doesn’t have an in-house venue that will look stunning in a marketing video. It could be a number of issues, such as not enough depth in the office, walls that are brown or beige(all skin tones blend into these colors), or overhead lighting that makes everything look green and dirty.

Never fear! You don’t have to shoot in their office. For example, in the video below, we partnered with The Ashlin Management Group for the Center of Disease Control. We used the bright, cheery, large, bay-windowed office of one of the interviewees. We posted ALL of the talent in front of the big bay windows revealing the beautiful Atlanta skyline behind them. Since the video was promoting worksite wellness in Atlanta, it made sense that the audience get a feel for the beautiful, sunny city. Check out the video below.

As creatives, we should NEVER settle on the environment we are given. We have to go above and beyond for our customer.

Vince's Story location matters bedhead mediaHow do you make a plan to get the perfect location?

  1. Get an example. Ask your client to send over a few examples of video styles they would like to see incorporated in their project.  This helps you know exactly what they are looking for.
  2. Location scout their office ahead of time or ask for pictures. Make note as to why or why not their venue will work.
  3. Encourage a change and help them find solutions. Don’t just tell them it won’t work. Kindly tell them why and offer alternative solutions.
  4. Location scout again. Take pictures of the potential locations, include your client and get approval.