Shut Up & Listen: 4 Tips to Nab the Win for Your Client

Being a creative doesn’t give you the permission to shut your client out! If you want to get the win for your client, you have to make understanding their needs a priority.

We’ve done several web commercials for The Home Depot. We love working with them! Recently we had the opportunity to feature a new tool line and some print ads for their private brand, Husky. Check it out! Then we’ll share 4 sure ways you can make sure you win for your client!

It just so happens we had the opportunity of working very closely with the client to get them exactly what they needed. There are times when we creatives think we know exactly what the customer needs after getting a handful of information. Well, that’s dumb!

  1. Listen. That’s it. Shut up. Stop trying to dazzle them with your wit and actively listen to them.
  2. Find out what they really want. Sure, they want a commercial or marketing video, but what do they want their buyers and customers to do when they watch it? It’s up to you to ask and make sure that happens!Win for Your Client
  3. Keep checking in with your client. Make sure they get the chance to approve multiple steps in the creative process, especially the story and script. It’s OK to be bold and take risks,
    but your client shouldn’t suffer because you missed the mark by not getting those same bold moves approved. Stay aligned with your client.
  4. Ask a bunch of questions. I promise you, your client would rather you be crystal clear about their expectations than you getting confused and missing the mark. Their money is very real, respect it.