Warcraft Trailer – What Scares Us

Warcraft Movie King Llane Wrynn HD WallpaperOk! Warcraft Trailer is out! It’s epic, it’s dramatic and thousands upon thousands of gamer fans have been waiting for it. But here is what scares us. A little. There is zero star power. Your #1 draft picks are Travis Fimmel (Ragnar from History Channel’s Vikings) and Ben Foster (Sheer brilliance in 3:10 to Yuma & Lone Survivor). They even threw in Paula Patton(thank-you Legendary). Although, let’s face it, there’s no power behind these big guns. It’s like trying to kill a raging bear with a wet washcloth. But wait, there’s writer and director Duncan Jones, known for Source Code and the 2010 award-winning film, Moon. Do you really need star power for this or can the vast World of Warcraft fan base possibly make this a Hollywood blockbuster? Hopefully, Halo:Nightfall (5 out of 10 rating) isn’t an indicator of what might happen.

Will it be a CG digital masterpiece like Avatar? Probably not. But it will be a fun ride! We’re up for a pre-screening, call us Legendary. Seriously, call us. Not joking.