This Ain’t Your Momma’s Superman

Batman v SupermanHoly smokes Batman! The new, ridiculously superior Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice trailer comes out swinging for the fences. Warner Brothers should have led with this versus the 3:39 minute trailer. It looks like Superman is putting a stop to Batman once and for all. What does it have that we need to note? Everything!

In the clip below, Batman is unmasked by earth’s greatest hero, as Superman reveals that Bats is Bruce Wayne. This infuriates the Dark Knight.

  1. Superman is depicted as a god. Notice the guards reaction; without hesitation they bow down upon his entrance. The presence he commands in this scene is intimidation enough for me to pre-buy a ticket. Then, he walks through the corridor with more swag than Daniel Craig’s James Bond. Notice the cool a%$ head movement in the walk.
  2. Batman is skeert! (Urban Dictionary: The state of being so frightened that one is unable to respond to outside stimuli.) It seems as if he’s awaken from obviously being knocked out, looks around to assess the situation and then lays eyes on the enemy. When his mask is ripped off – he either buries himself in a fit of confined rage or complete fear. What are you thoughts?
  3. Lastly, Superman has serious attitude. He either got ejected from Scientology or he is thoroughly disgusted by the mere thought and sight of Batman. Taken right out of Frank Miller’s graphic novel, The Dark Knight Returns, Bats meddles into the affairs of the government so much that it pushes Superman very close to his boiling point.
  4. Nuff’ Said. This scene sums up in 49 seconds what the 3:39 minute trailer could never do. There is a war between Gotham’s Dark Knight and Earth’s greatest hero. They despise each other. And there will be BLOOD! You can quote that.

dawn of justice batman vs superman warner brothersThis isn’t your mother’s Christopher Reeve Superman or George Clooney Batman, where young children could sit in the theater and see a clear, undeniable difference between good and evil. This is the internally conflicted Christopher Nolan vigilante/anti-hero, Batman and Zack Snyder’s indestructible, Greek god Superman. We are thrilled Superman is showing a semi-dark side and not just the boy scout from the Superman film opener. Show us something we’ve never seen before! We likey!