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If you watch TV, chances are you’ve noticed that the fine folks at Sprint are digging hard at their competition, Verizon. That’s because their most recent ads all feature an actor named Paul Marcarelli, most famously known as Verizon’s “Can you hear me now?” guy. Marcarelli now shows up in Sprint’s commercials extolling the virtues…

Let’s face it… You might not actually know what you are doing as a Film Director. Heck, everyone is a director these days. It’s extremely important to look smarter, appear to be a great leader and seem more artistically gifted than everyone else on set because you are THE DIRECTOR. Here are 10 sure ways…

DON’T! I once read a book on how to create the perfect environment so that your high-performers could shine. It said to give them more flexibility to be themselves: come in to work when they were most productive, work from home, work in a closet, whatever it takes – because their 50% was more than…

Not too long ago, a friend of mine was working as an extra on a movie set. One day of filming required him to sit next to one of the movie’s stars in close quarters. The star is a tall fellow, and so sitting in the cramped quarters was difficult for him. So every time…

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